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New! Undamaged and template-based Installation
of the NeoBiotech implants by Fully Guide System.

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Special offer
until 31st March!

Complex diagnostic,
including 3D-tomography
and documents for the insurance company for FREE!

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  • We issue a set of documents in English for the Krankenkasse

  • Installing the dental implants with immediate loading and fixation of temporary crowns and bridges

  • Immediate placement of implant after extraction

  • Using a computer STA anesthesia makes a procedure painless

Special offer from 1st January!

  • Preparing a surgical template Free!
  • Implant NeoBiotech SLA Active + gingival former cost £405
  • Zirconium crown by CAD/CAM technology + abutment cost £405

Total costs - £810

(implant, gingival former, abutment and crown)

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Implants NeoBiotech one of the best innovation system with conical connection in the economic segment. It has a wide range of sizes which allowed use NeoBiotech implants almost in any pathologies and recomend them for various pacients with a different situations. The innovative structure makes it possible to successfully use these implants for single-stage implantation and immediate loading with their temporary crowns.

Advantagies of the SLA Active Implants

  • SLA surface delivers a complete clean implants. This method of processing contribute to high level of connection between implant and bone, also, it gets much more stable. Additionally, this method makes the faster formation of bone than in any analogical systems!
  • Active – implant`s form totally corresponding to tooth root forms and achieve the ideal primary stabilityи without any of compression which is achieved due to the improved doubled area of the anti-tilt groove, as well as self-cutting properties.

  • Implant NeoBiotech SLA Active + gingival former cost £405
  • Zirconium crown by CAD/CAM technology + abutment cost £405

Total costs – £810

(implant, gingival former, abutment and crown)

Implants Implants Medentica

Implants from the German manufacturer Medentica are on the market for over 10 years and are produced from high-tech and bioinert materials. Their difference is the high precision of components, good survival rate without loss of bone and reliable long-term outcome.

The new development of the Medentica company - Quattrocone implant system, designed for installation in difficult conditions and "soft" bones, into the wells of teeth immediately after removal. Using of these implants allows to make immediate dentures and achieve excellent aesthetic results.

  • Implant Medentica Quattrocone + gingival former cost £495
  • Zirconium crown by CAD/CAM technology + abutment cost £405

Total costs – £900

(implant, gingival former, abutment and crown)

We widely use and offer implants from Nobel Biocare and Straumann manufacturers.

Implants Nobel Biocare Implants Straumann

Regeneration and bone grafting

We pay great attention to regenerative technology and bone grafting.

In our clinic we perform:
  • 3D bone grafting by the method of prof. F Khoury (Germany) for extensive defects of the jaw.
  • operations to increase bone volume, using the most modern and safe bone biomaterials
  • sinus-lifting operations (lifting the bottom of the maxillary sinus), including minimally traumatic.
  • Immediate implant installation immediately after tooth extraction, including immediate temporary prosthetics
  • plastic surgery of gums and closing naked teeth necks for a better aesthetics and reducing the increased tooth sensitivity.

Bone grafting From £270
Unilateral sinus-lifting From £315
Tomography 1 jaw £72
Consultation with implantologist £36
Surgical template £180-270

Without computer tomography, we do not do the implantation and bone grafting.
The cost of bone grafting is calculated on the amount of material used.

Examples of cost

Loss of 1 tooth

1 implant, 1 abutment and 1 crown £900

Loss of 3 chewing teeth

If you lost three posterior teeth, it is necessary to use two implants
2 implants, 2 abutments and bridge, based on zirconium dioxide £2010

Loss of 4 chewing teeth

If you lost 4 posterior teeth, it is necessary to use 3 implants
3 implants, 3 abutments and bridge, based on zirconium dioxide £2790

Loss of all teeth in one jaw

Possible to use 4 implants and 4 Multi-Units and the temporary bridge of the 10 teeth with immediate loading on the next day after implantation £4265

Modern devices used in our clinic

  • Computer tomography (Gendex)
  • Arcus Digma – Functional Diagnostics
  • Intraoral scanner Cerec CAD / CAM
  • Anatomical modulator Ka Vo PROTARevo
  • Articulator Artex Amanngirbach
  • KARL KAPS microscope
  • T-scan-electronic diagnostics occlusion and articulation
  • Kiln Programat EP 5000 Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Computer Tech anesthesia-STA – anesthetic Delivery
  • Professional bleaching with ZOOM lamp 3 Advance Power
  • Professional photographic equipment Canon

Our work

Advantages of implantation in our clinic

  1. STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® unit and The Wand handpiece make the visit anxiety-free and more comfortable for you and your family
  2. The price for the implantation includes all the necessary medicines
  3. Every implantation is provided with the CT and 3D planning
  4. Using the CAD/CAM technologies provides maximum precision
  5. Implantation Warranty: in the the case of a unsuccessful implant integration – a second implantation will be carried out at no extra cost

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