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All on 4 – Dental Implants Prague

Dental clinic in Prague Bio-Dent
Praha 2, Uruguayská 13
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Installation of 4 implants and fabrication
of a permanent construction.
In 3 working days!
Cost is 5950€

(For patients with fully edentulous in the lower jaw)

Comprehensive diagnostics, including 3D tomography - FREE OF CHARGE! (until 1.11.2021)

This offer is valid for patients with insurances Gesetzliche krankenkasse, Aok, Tkk, Bkk, Barmer.

Comprehensive diagnostics includes:

Computed tomography (3D image); Panoramic X-ray (2D image); Digital impressions; Photo protocol.

Within 5 working days after the diagnostics, you will receive a package of documents for Krankenkasse:

  • The prepared treatment plan and financial calculation are valid for 6 months from the date of diagnosis.
  • All digital information obtained is not handed out and remain in the clinic.
  • Diagnostics is carried out by the clinic's medical staff every weekday by appointment.
  • This offer does not imply a parallel consultation with a dentist.

Application of a digital protocol

We offer this option only on the lower jaw due to the anatomical features of the edentulous jaws.

This offer is suitable for patients for whom it is impossible to install 5-6 implants, who do not have teeth, or remaining teeth have to be removed.

When using this technique there is no need to pre-remove the remaining teeth on which bridges or removable dentures are mounted.

Teeth to be removed are removed during surgical procedure.

1st stage - diagnostic!

  • • 3D computed tomography, digital jaw scan, photo protocol, consultation from a surgeon-implantologist and a prosthodontist, preparing an individual treatment plan (1 day). FOR FREE!

Preparatory stage:

  • 3D planning and modeling of a surgical template and a temporary bridge.
  • Printing a template on a 3D printer and milling a bridge.

2nd stage – surgical and prosthetic!

  • Installation of 4 implants and 4 interfaces by surgical template, with simultaneous fixation of a temporary bridge consisting of 10 teeth. After 3 days, the installation of a permanent bridge.

The specialists of our clinic

Viktor Levchenko

Anastasiya Levchenko

Jacobo Gantes Moreno

Ivan Kolesnikov

Siarhei Patapenka

Mikhail Kosteniuk

NEW! SiroLaser Blue Dental Diode Laser!

SiroLaser Blue Dental Diode Laser!

Dental diode lasers deliver clear benefits over conventional methods of treatment with mostly scar-free wound healing and improved germ reduction. For patients, the use of lasers means less post-operative pain and therefore less need for medication. Not only that, but your practice benefits too, because satisfied patients are the best way to ensure success.

The compact SiroLaser Blue is the first dental diode laser to have a blue, an infrared, and a red diode. This enables it to cover more than 20 indications – and therefore versatile possibilities for application in your practice routine.

Our work
(Photos before and after surgery with temporary constructions)


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