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  • We make the treatment plan and a preliminary financial calculation on the basis of the sent panoramic X-ray

  • Hollywood smile – in one day!

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ZOOM – snow-white smile in one visit! ZOOM – snow-white smile in one visit!
Dental emergency in Prague Dental emergency in Prague
Root canal treatment Root canal treatment
Restoration of teeth Restoration of teeth

Comprehensive approach to the dental treatment

We use the approach of preventive dentistry. with an emphasis on early diagnosis of initial caries by using an operating microscope and X-ray Information. Our patients twice a year have a check and do professional oral hygiene (68 euros).

Initial consultation includes a clinical examination of the oral cavity, panoramic X-ray of the upper and lower jaws, filling medical documentation, scheduling of treatment and financial calculation.

With an integrated approach, which apart the treatment involves the implantation and prosthetics is used computed tomography, intraoral photography and Portrait shooting, diagnostic impressions.

This integrated approach allows us to properly plan the entire spectrum of medical, surgical and orthopedic interventions. The patient receives a treatment plan and financial calculation.

dental treatment

dental treatment

Treatment of caries

In case of detection of caries, we are guiding by the following principles::

  • the destruction of teeth crowns less than ½ of their volume - used light nanocomposites.

The cost of filling from 50 euros.

Nanocomposites have a good polishing and recover small and medium sizes defects, allowing simulate natural anatomy

  • at destruction of teeth crowns more than ½ of volume are used the new generation of glass-ceramic fillings by the CEREC technology.

Total cost of the ceramic overlay 249 €.

Ceramic filling on the structure and strength is identical to the natural tooth enamel, allowing to achieve excellent esthetic results and long-term life of restoration.

Treatment of caries in Prahue

Treatment of caries in Prahue

Treatment of caries in Prahue

Root canal treatment

In the case of penetration infection to the the tooth cavity and inflammation of nerve is showing the root canal treatment.

The cost of channels treatment from 85 euros.

Our clinic has a "new generation endo" program:

  • is a combination of optical zoom and soft ultrasound, which allows high-quality processing and sealing of root canals with the preservation of healthy dental structures to the maximum extent
  • the use of three-dimensional technique of filling root canals by Schilder
  • retreatment of root canals is carried out under the operational control of the optical microscope with a preliminary analysis of the CT scan Information
  • individual approach to each patient, ongoing dialogue doctor-patient, the demonstration of each treatments stage, the active participation of the patient in the treatment process

Teeth with treated root canals must be strengthened. There are several options:

  • occlusive ceramic plates with overlap of the all chewing surface minimum of 2 mm (249 euros)
  • fiberglass pins, that are fixed in the channel and are the continuation of the root for a more uniform load distribution on the tooth followed by coating with ceramic crown.

Patients with increased abrasion of hard tissue of teeth, suffering from such diseases as bruxism, often turn to the clinic with complaints of pain in the joint and chipping ceramic and composite restorations. Typically, for such patients are preparing individual mouthguards. Mouthguards are transparent, made from a soft plastic, like a cap to all the teeth.Mouthguards are worn on one or both jaws only at night, and due to the softness and elasticity of the material protect the teeth from damage and reduce strain on the jaw muscles and facial systems.

Root canal treatment in Prague

Root canal treatment in Prague

Root canal treatment in Prague

Mouthguards are worn only at night, and can not only keep your teeth and dentures, but also greatly reduce the work of the muscles, allowing them to relax and thereby reducing the risk of the effects of bruxism.

Composite veneers –
Hollywood smile for 1 day!

Composite veneers – Hollywood smile for 1 day!

The dream of a Hollywood smile has become a reality for everyone.

BioDent Clinic offers an exclusive solution to your aesthetic problems - using componeers.

It is package offer that includes the installation of composite veneers on the front six teeth. The cost of 1320 euros. All procedures are conducting during for 4-5 hours. The price does not include dental care.

Componeers – it is the thinnest (0.3 mm thick) plate of highly filled nano-hybrid composite material, manufactured by the Swiss company Coltene / Whaledent. This technology is used since 2012 and is widely using advanced dental clinics in Europe, which specializing in the aesthetics of the teeth.

Our Team

Viktor Levchenko

Viktor Levchenko,
chief of the BioDent clinic,
master technician

Dr. Ivan Kolesnikov

Dr. Ivan Kolesnikov,
Oral Surgeon, Implantologist

Dr. Vasili Kharashun

Dr. Vasili Kharashun,
General Practitioner, Prosthetist

Our works – prosthesis by veneers

Modern devices used in our clinic

  • Computer tomography (Gendex)
  • Arcus Digma – Functional Diagnostics
  • Intraoral scanner Cerec CAD / CAM
  • Anatomical modulator Ka Vo PROTARevo
  • Articulator Artex Amanngirbach
  • KARL KAPS microscope
  • T-scan-electronic diagnostics occlusion and articulation
  • Kiln Programat EP 5000 Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Computer Tech anesthesia-STA – anesthetic Delivery
  • Professional bleaching with ZOOM lamp 3 Advance Power
  • Professional photographic equipment Canon

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